About Me:

Thanks for visiting my site!  I graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Design from Virginia Tech, interned at Mountain Hardwear, worked on the Adventure Products team at Rivian and am currently contracting as a Designer/Developer for Nathan Sports and Weft Design.

I design with a focus on the user and try to gain understanding to solve meaningful problems.  I see design as an opportunity to make a positive impact, and a way for me to use my creativity.  

When I'm not making stuff, I’m pursuing my other passions, running around in the mountains– rock climbing, mountain biking, or skiing.  Climbing has given me a drive for adventure and a love of nature.  I hope to apply this passion to my future work, designing with sustainability in mind, promoting adventure, and producing joy.

get in touch:
email: nweggleston@gmail.com

Currently located: Richmond, VA
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