I worked with the “Adventure Products” Industrial Design team at Rivian from January-August 2022. I helped create innovative solutions, vehicle accessories, exploratory concepts, and gear for electrified outdoor experiences. I collaborated within a fast paced, highly skilled vehicle design studio, challenged my design skills and evolved my ideation processes.

Some teaser imagery and description below– happy to share more depth in an interview setting ;)

R1 Exterior Accessory + Detailed Form Refinement

I designed an on-vehicle hardgood accessory for the R1T and R1S, leading the full design phase with support from my design manager – initial design brief through final Class-A surface delivery.  I collaborated with a multidisciplinary team of mechanical and electrical engineers, product managers, CAD surfacers, and Design directors.

This project involved creating an exterior housing around a specific electronic package, while considering functional and regulatory requirements such as waterproofing, attachment and user interaction, assembly, and bluetooth connectivity with the vehicle.  I dissected form language and details from the R1 exterior and related accessories to inform the housing design. I took cues from other consumer electronic products to develop details (buttons, hinges, etc). I then went through a highly detailed/rigorous iteration process to refine surfacing details, corners, curves, and form. This process pushed my hardgood design knowledge, collaboration skills, and eye for highly detailed surface refinement.

Integrated Outdoor Accessories + Rapid Concept Visualization

I provided rapid concept ideation for a wide variety of ongoing projects, future concepts, and full vehicle studio design sprints. These ranged from outdoor accessories, concept ideation for future vehicles, to vehicle chargers.

I visualized quick concepts and far reaching ideas using a combination of Keyshot renderings, Illustrator exploration, and digital sketches. I bounced ideas off the rest of the team during weekly design share-outs and presented detailed sketches and concepts during studio design sprints. I was challenged by a highly skilled, fast paced, & idea-rich vehicle design studio, evolving my visualization skills and idea generation processes.

Vehicle Interior Integrations + Early Concept Development

I collaborated with the vehicle interior team to generate exploratory concepts for outdoor-lifestyle integrations and opportunities for future accessories. I provided detailed sketch ideation over early Blender renderings from the interior team. I collaborated with the rest of the Industrial Design team to identify innovative opportunities and solutions for the future R2 and R3 vehicles.

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